5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Health and Happiness

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

We could all use a bit of a boost right now. But life is busy and you have lot's to do, so take a look at this list for 5 (relatively) easy ways to boost health and happiness in your life.

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier

I’m not talking about setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual and hitting snooze 5 times until you wake up later than you planned. I’m talking about actually getting your butt out of bed 15 minutes earlier than you usually do. Then use that time completely for yourself. Don’t even get dressed yet! In those 15 minutes take time to meditate, journal, read a book, do a quick morning stretch yoga routine, or sit by a window and drink your coffee in peace. 15 minutes is not enough time to completely startle your sleep routine, but yet it is just enough time in the morning for you to not rush into your day. It is YOU time. By starting your day moving at 0 mph as opposed to 100 mph you can ease into your day. You can find some time for yourself, and set yourself up for a better day. Even better, try waking up 30 minutes earlier and giving yourself more time. Before you know it, you won’t be dreading your alarm going off in the morning. You will be excited to know that the first thing you have planned is time for yourself.

2. Clean your room

Or your office or wherever you find yourself most often these days. It’s time to channel Marie Kondo and tidy up a bit. When you sit down to do work in a clean space, uninterrupted by clutter, you can actually hear your thoughts and get work done. You might not even realize that your dirty and cluttered space is also cluttering your mind and causing you anxiety. So if you feel a bit of blockage in your mind it might be time to grab a vacuum or donate a few (or a lot) of things.

3. Take a lunch break

You’ve heard about the benefits of a lunch break. Yet somehow you still end up at your desk eating your lunch and powering through “just one more thing” of work. Especially if you are working from home more often than usual where you don't have colleagues popping in to ask you to join them for a lunch outing. In the moment, taking a lunch break seems counterproductive. How could taking time away from work help me be more productive at work? It’s one of those things you have to force into your schedule before you see the benefits in action. As you build lunch breaks into your work routine you will start to notice something. You still get your work done. Odd isn’t it? The difference is, you still got your work done AND you gave yourself some time to relax, read a book, call a friend, or even take a walk outside. Just like your body after a workout, your mind needs rest too. Even if it’s for 15 minutes, your health, happiness, AND productivity will increase with that time you gave back to yourself.

4. Hang up your goals for you to see

You have goals, dreams, and plans. Ideas for your future, things you want to do, milestones you want to reach. Maybe they are written down in a journal somewhere or maybe they only exist in your head. When there are groceries to shop for, deadlines to meet, bills to pay, those goals and dreams sometimes fade to the background. It can sometimes be months or years before you dig up those dreams again from the deepest corners of your mind. But like your grocery and to-do list, write your dreams down and reference them regularly. Take an afternoon to sit down and think about your short and long-term goals. They can be small such as “take a painting class” or as large as “pay off my student loans” or “buy a house”. Whatever their size, write them down and post them in a visible place. A place where every day you are reminded of the dreams you hope to accomplish. This way, they won’t be forgotten. This way, you can remind yourself to start taking the small but necessary steps to achieve them.

5. Schedule time to move your body

Finding time to work out can be super intimidating. To “work out” sounds like a big commitment. It involves weights, it involves a gym, it involves lots of sweating. Who has time for it really? But what if your goal wasn’t to “workout 3-5 times a week” but instead to “move my body 3-5 times a week”. Take a walk around the neighborhood, bike to the other side of town to check out that new coffee shop, check out a new fitness app, or roll out your mat in a park with friends and do some yoga poses. Or in the era of coronavirus, unrolling your mat with some friends over Zoom! If you can find a way to make movement fun, to build it into your schedule because it excites you, then you will be more likely to do it. Come up with some movement activities that you look forward to doing and build them into your schedule just like you would when planning drinks with a friend. Working out doesn’t need to be intimidating if the ultimate goal is to get you off the couch and get you moving. If it’s on the schedule, it’s fun, and it gets you moving then this not only boosts your health but you will be happier for it.

Which one of these have you tried? Or what other easy actions do you add to your day? Let me know in the comments!

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