Instagram Fitness Influencers You Need to Follow

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

These active influencers know how to motivate and get your butt off the couch

If you've ever found yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed waiting for inspiration to strike for your next workout, these accounts are the ones to follow to get you there. These Instagram fitness influencers provide thoughtful content that is accessible to the audience they are sharing it with and they do so with a contagious energy that gets you excited for your next workout.

I've organized the profiles into two categories, yoga and strength training, since those are the accounts I follow the most. What fitness accounts are you following and why? Leave a message in the comments!



Lizette Pompa combines a traditional yoga practice with strength training in very unique ways. Her movement is challenging yet it feels unlike anything you've done before. She combines yoga movement in new and fresh ways that force your body to adapt and grow. I always feel like I'm learning a new movement and building strength with her workouts. Born in Mexico but currently living in Sweden, she uses her Instagram to open up a small window into her life that feels genuine.


Ashley Galvin is a must-follow if you love yoga. Her vinyasa classes are some of the toughest classes I've ever taken. No one has ever made me hold plank longer than Ashley Galvin in her Alo Moves yoga classes. Her Instagram profile is just as intense, with gravity defying inversions and impressive strength demonstrated on a regular basis. While her profile can come across as intimidating, her messages are always providing inspiration that help you realize that your goals (yoga or otherwise) are achievable if you work towards them.


Erin Motz or Bad Yogi was the first account I ever followed on YouTube and is one of the biggest reasons why I started doing yoga. She welcomes you into her practice and community and makes a very real effort to break down the stereotypes and toxic culture that you might often come across in the yoga community. Even looking up above at Ashley Galvin's yoga poses you start to feel threatened within your own yoga practice thinking you aren't a true "yogi" if you can't contort your body in crazy ways. Erin breaks that down in an approachable way while providing great yoga lessons and tips.


Jessica is your girl if you need some easy to follow instruction on how to do those complicated yoga moves or what yoga exercises to do to build certain muscle groups. I love her account because it is so easy to scroll and find what you want, and know that you are going to get a good yoga workout. Being able to do a handstand is a big goal of mine and I discovered Jessica's account in that process, and I feel a genuine desire from her to teach proper form and technique.

Strength Training


You'd be hard pressed to find another person as upbeat, positive, and friendly as Aubrie. What I love about Aubrie is her extreme feminine side and how she breaks the mold of what the stereotypical fit and powerful female in the gym is expected to be like. She offers easy-to-follow workouts that are accessible even to those of us with muscles half her size. She has also built a very strong community through her online profile that makes it hard not to follow.


This girl does it all- she has accessible workouts, a fitness apparel brand, and a kick-butt community. Plus her content is guaranteed to motivate, and have you purchasing from her clothing line. When it comes to fitness influencers on Instagram there is a clear lack of diversity, and this puts the pressure on for any BIPOC fitness role model. Tiffany does an amazing job being real with her community and showing up for other marginalized groups in the world of fitness.


If you are looking for a fun partner workout, nutrition plans, tough workouts, and motivational strength training content than these two trainers have got your back! I found their profile when on the hunt for my own partner workout challenge and stayed for their energy. It's clear that both Natahlia and Jada are passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle and that translates right into their content that feels fresh and honest.

What's different about Annie's account that I love is that she doesn't just post workout content but she is genuinely invested in her community doing the exercises safely and correctly. She also shares a lot about the business of fitness and offers detailed advice on ways to build your own business. She is a no-nonsense and trusted advisor in the world of strength training, and with so many fitness accounts to follow these days its refreshing to feel like you are being guided accurately and safely.


Just looking at Claire's 20 pack of abs makes you want to work out more. Plus this girl is following my dream of living out of a van and traveling the world. Not only does she post beautiful landscape pictures from her new van but she also gives very detailed workout plans through her posts that you can easily hit save and power through during your next workout. Like all the others, her motivational content and stories she shares keeps me on her page and rooting for her.

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