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What Does a Health and Fitness Copywriter Do?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Hint: There's a lot more than just writing involved!

What’s so special about you?

You’ve got an amazing product or service, and you know there are health and fitness enthusiasts out there who could really use your yummy and protein-packed powder, your perfect-fit leggings, your on-the-go fitness service, your workout equipment. Your offering is unique, and you’ve put in the work to make it that way. The question becomes: how do I find those customers and build a loyal following?

That’s where your marketing comes in. Without marketing, there is no business. Or at least there is no business that outlasts the competition. Your website, your social media strategy, your marketing plan all need to answer this question for your future customers: why you and why right now?

Because let’s face it, your potential customers have a lot of other options to scroll through, a lot of other protein powders, gyms, studios, apps, equipment, and leggings to choose from. What’s so special about your offering?

Copywriting is a must-have for your business

Effective health and fitness copywriting draws in your potential customers, it offers a compelling case for your product or service that seems to speak right to their needs, makes it easy for them to get involved (even gives them something in return!), and clearly states the desired action for them to take. It’s easy, it’s alluring, it leaves your ideal customer nodding in agreement and doing whatever they can to get their hands on what you have to offer. Health and fitness copywriting invites your ideal customer in the door and keeps them there.

Health and fitness copywriting is an essential must-have as part of your marketing strategy. We are the spotter to your lifter, the supplement to your workout, the mat to your yoga, the sports bra to your… well you get it. Writing copy and content for your website, blog, social media, opt-ins, landing pages, email sequences, and more can be the greatest time demand in your marketing plan. Health and fitness copywriters take the load off so you can focus more on the 1,001 other business needs you have on your plate.

So what does a health and fitness copywriter do?

A health and fitness copywriter provides written content for your business, including website copy, blog posts, email sequences, social media posts, product descriptions, e-books, leaflets, and more.

But the written copy is just the finished product of the value a copywriter offers to your business. Before the writing even happens, a copywriter is doing a deep-dive on your business, understanding the value you provide to your customers, your goals, your previous written work, your placement in the industry, your competition. By understanding you and the goals of your business, we can speak in your voice, speak directly to your target audience, and persuasively communicate your value proposition.

The research doesn’t stop there either. Copywriters perform keyword research for your business and the health and fitness industry with the goal of optimizing your content for better visibility on search engines. We consult peer-reviewed research articles, scholarly journals, studies, and the experts to ensure we aren’t just writing about your value in the industry, but reporting accurately on the trends, topics, and all things health and fitness. We do research on what’s trending and what’s new in the health and fitness industry so your business comes up on top as an authentic go-to expert.

On top of all that, our writing demands action. Copywriters realize the power of the written word in not only communicating the “who” and the “what” of your business to your customer, but the “what’s in it for me?” and the “what do I need to do?”. Because let’s face it, we all like the simplicity of being told exactly what we need to do, and we like to know we are getting what we are promised. Every piece of your brand’s writing needs to showcase that, and copywriting’s goal is to provide that value and make it easy for your ideal customer to opt-in.

Get help with your health and fitness writing projects

Is your writing demanding action and providing value to exactly what your ideal customer needs? Is the content you are putting out spending too much time talking about you and less time talking about them (those wonderful and badass ideal customers of yours)? Is your copy clear, concise, and effectively drawing in the right audience? If you answered no or “ahh I don’t know!” to any of these questions, it could be time to hire a copywriter to support your marketing efforts and elevate your business.

I am your Health and Fitness copywriter and I am here to help you through all of this. By partnering with me you can focus more on your kick-butt business and leave the writing to me. Check out my health and fitness copywriting services and get in touch to learn more!

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